Seven Steps To Heaven 

We are on a mission to contribute to a world where everybody will have access to secure and safe food. Food grown in energy efficient, modular indoor farms: using 90% less water and zero pesticides.
Grown locally in order to reduce transportation and pollution. Harvested at the perfect time, fresh and ripe. Accessible, nutritious, tasty and affordable. We are growing the food every human has the right to eat.

We have over three decades of experience in breeding, propagating and growing. We are experts in applying mathematical models that explain and predict the growth of different crops and applications. In 2005 we were the very first pioneers in applying specific wavelengths and climate control according to the needs of plants. Instead of copying the outside climate and light conditions we create a new climate designed to make plants happy.

In 2019 we launched Heaven – Fine Botanical Art. Heaven seeks, grows and delivers the most beautiful botanical herbs for use in herbal tea, cocktails and water infusions. Our herbs are full of flavor and grown in ideal conditions. With these herbs, every food artist and culinary expert creates a blend of the finest scents, colors and flavors to design his own composition captured in a glass. Enjoy the art and discover the most beautiful flavors.

Eindhoven was, is and will be one of the major innovation regions in the world. At Strijp-T, many companies are working towards a better future, through technology. We are part of a multi-disciplinary community where the world of tomorrow is being built today.

Locatie op Strijp-T


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Zwaanstraat 31, 5651 GW Eindhoven, the Netherlands