2 maart - 5 maart 2022

Actie voor Oekraïne

Dear all,


As you are all aware, Ukraine is in war and a lot of people are in a massive crisis. At DEITY we have 3 colleagues who are Ukrainian, and although they themselves are safe, their family and friends are still in Ukraine. 


To help our fellow humans, and especially to stand behind our colleagues, we are organising a goods and fundraise.

We will be collecting these goods in our DEITY office (QT - 153F - ground floor with the green containers inside), and our colleague Sergii will bring them to a central location so they can be brought to Ukrain.


Please all, feel free to donate as much as you want! There is especially need for the following products:



- Diapers

- Toys

- Pluches



- Canned food

- Powder/ canned soup

- dry food such as crackers, noodles

- Bottles of water


Personal hygiene:

- Toothbrushes + paste

- Towels

- Wet napkins

- Creme’s (hand, face etc)

- Toiletpaper

- Deodorant

- Brushes etc

- Hygiene product for women/girls (tampons etc)



- Batteries

- Powerbanks

- Chargers (phone)

- Candles

- Flashlights



- Blankets 

- Emergency blankets

- Thermo underwear 

- Bodywarmers

- Warm coats

- Sleeping bags


Medical supplies:

- Anything you can find in an first aid kit (or first aid kits)

- Bandaids

- Medical gloves

- and more specialised like scalpels, intravenous drips etc (if you can provide any of these, please contact me for a complete list)


We are going to collect all this stuff latest on Friday 4th of March in our office (we are here from 08:00 till 17:00), so please make sure you bring your stuff on/before that day.


We then provide Sergii with a van to bring everything to the central place.


If you can’t make it, but you would like to support, you can also donate money and I will personally go and buy supplies with that money.

As a company we are also donating, and I will contact the companies in our building to help as well.




All the best and thank you so so much in advance,


Jamie Maria Schouren | Founder Chief Commercial Officer

0031 (0) 6 278 38 978

DEITY BV | Achtseweg Zuid 153F | 5651 GW Eindhoven | The Netherlands